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In behalf of the Abraham Owen Smoot Family, we welcome you to the Smoot Family website.

Abraham Owen together with Margaret, Emily, Diana, Anne, and Caroline were visionaries who had rock solid foundations of faith in Jesus Christ. Because of their faith and vision, they made monstrous sacrifices to do what the Lord needed them to do. They probably didn’t realized the legacy they were forging and the strong vision they have passed on. They just followed their hearts and divine guidance that came their way—taking one day at a time. The good that has been created because of their efforts is monumental.
The A. O. Smoot Family has held large family reunions at BYU about every ten years. In 2015, three years ago, we celebrated A. O.’s 200 birthday. As a result of his leadership and sacrifice, he has often been referred to as Patriarch of the Brigham Young Academy—which later became Brigham Young University. Over 700 family members gathered; seven different generations were represented. In some family lines we are into the 9th generation. The first generation consists of A.O., Margaret, Emily, Diana, Anne & Caroline. Their 34 children make up the 2nd generation—with 163 in the 3rd Generation (grandchildren). Donna Faye Bott, the only living grandchild and member of the 3rd Generation, was present at the 200th Birthday. The 4th generation (great grandchildren) has a total of 338.
200 year birthday party at BYU for
Abraham Owen Smoot Oct 6, 2015
For that week-long Birthday Party, BYU produced the below video: “Patriarch of the Academy”—which was shown in the Marriott Center Weekly Devotional and the 2015 Homecoming Spectacular. It is worth watching!

Abraham Owen Smoot
Patriarch of the Academy

Yes! You heard correctly. Seven generations were represented at his 200th Birthday Celebration! From a living granddaughter (3 rd generation) all the way down to members of the 9th generation. Over 14,000 total family members is our estimate—based on extrapolations from exact numbers of certain family lines. In addition to smaller family events in the next few years, another large family reunion at BYU will be held in 2025—which will also be BYU’s 150th Birthday. BYU was established on October 16, 1875.

We invite you to become involved with the Smoot Family Organization. Please contact us!
If you desire,  we will mail or email to you (free of charge) the 4 Generation Family Chart —it displays the first four generations. Books that have been written about Abraham Owen and his family are available to purchase. Please join the Family Registry below and give us your contact info, so you can hear about family events. We would love to hear from you! Please call or write. Much inspiration is available on the website.


Sharman Smoot
Abraham Owen Smoot Family Organization

The executive committee comprises family members from many family lines. Back R to L: Sharman Smoot, Jonathan Lysenko, A. Owen Smoot VI, Alan SmootFront R to L: Janelle Lynsenko, Shauna Essig, Mary Ellen Smoot, Bonnie Kofford, Nanette Garrett

As a family organization and executive committee, we have taken on and are inspired by the following:
Connecting Family by Supporting Family Organizations
Our stand is to pull together Smoot family members;
to preserve and share the vision and valiancy of our Smoot ancestors;
and to strengthen, redeem and celebrate our eternal family.
                                          STRATEGIC GOALS
Pull Together: Via Reunions, Firesides, Youth Events, Service Projects & Social Media
Preserve: Writings, Photos, Publications, Artifacts, Historic Sites & their Legacy
Share: Via the Website, Newsletter, Emails & Personal Contacts
Redeem: Encourage, inspire & perform the eternal ordinances for our living & dead
Celebrate: Their Vision, Valiancy and the Family Legacy they have inspired        

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