Sixty Years of Smoot Research - by Loretta Nixon

Abraham Owen Smoot - Family Celebration Agenda

SAT October 10, 2015 - Meet at 9:15 AM @ Marriott Center

We will be meeting on the North side of the Marriott Center in the parking lot.  Slot #5 for the Smoot family. We are excited to see you all there in the parade, please join us.  I plan to take my grandkids, it should be a lot of fun. Parade Details are provided in the following three documents:

Parade Map

Parade order - Smoot Family is #5

Parade Rules and Regulations

October 6-10, 2015

TUE OCT 6 - Founders Day Events 

BYU Opening Ceremonies   11:00 a.m. @ Marriott Center

The 2015 Homecoming celebration will begin with Opening Ceremonies Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 11:00 a.m. in the Marriott Center. In addition to outstanding entertainment, there will be a tribute to our dear Grandpa A.O. Smoot. We invite you to join us in special reserved seating. It is free to attend, just tell them you are with the Abraham Owen Smoot Family to get directed to the founders seating. 

Founders Luncheon   12:30 p.m. @ Wilkinson Center Main Ballroom

We also invite you to the Founders Luncheon following the Opening Ceremonies. The luncheon will begin at 12:30 p.m. in the Main Ballroom of the Wilkinson Student Center. President and Sister Worthen, members of the President’s Council, winners of the Brimhall Essay Contest, and other guests will attend. The registration deadline is Sep. 29.

Childrens Activity / Free Lunch  12:30 p.m. @ Wilkinson Center Garden Court

The children's activity is another option for children 12 and under and will be held simultaneously in an adjoining room. It includes a free sack lunch and entertainment. Children will also learn a song to sing at the Main Reunion Event. An older family member may accompany children; however, he/she will also need to sign up for the activity to receive the sack lunch.
Children wishing to stay at the Founders Luncheon will need to purchase a meal ticket for $8.50.

Family Reunion Main Event   2:00 pm - 5:00 pm @ Wilkinson Center Main Ballroom

This event will take place immediately following the luncheon at 2 p.m. also in the Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom beginning immediately with the family photo. The Family Reunion Main Event will also include: 
          Performance by the children of the song learned during the Children's Activity
A. O. Smoot 200th Birthday Celebration and viewing of the A. O. Smoot Film
Special musical numbers by renowned Smoot cousins
Opportunity to learn more about Smoot family members, special announcements, the Provo City Center Temple tour and other activities

(Click here to sign-up for the above A. O. Smoot Tuesday Events) 

WED OCT 7 - Presentations about Provo Tabernacle and B.Y. Academy Square - for which A. O. Smoot was responsible

(Free and no registration required)

1. 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM @ Provo Library Ballroom - Historic Provo Tabernacle Presentation (Becoming Provo City Center Temple) Brigham Young Academy Square Library Ballroom – 500 North University Avenue, Provo. Power Point Presentation, Provo City Center Temple, History and Construction, Elder and Sister Newitt

2. 11:00 am - 12:15 pm @ Provo Library Ballroom - Historic B.Y. Academy. B.Y. Academy Square Library Ballroom 11am-12:15. Power Point Presentation about the Historic B.Y. Academy Bldg., history, preservation and library, Director Gene Nelson.

3. 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm @ Provo Library Ballroom - Unveiling of Abraham Owen Smoot heroic size bronze statue. 

THU or FRI OCT 8-9  BYU Spectacular

Homecoming Spectacular 7:30 PM @ BYU Marriott Center (Register for Tickets)  Thursday or Friday Evenings - Use Promo Code "founder"
We will recognize Brother Smoot during Homecoming Spectacular, a musical variety program featuring David Archuleta and showcasing BYU’s premiere student entertainment groups. The event will take place Thursday and Friday, Oct. 8 and 9, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Limited seating in the founder family section costs $30 per ticket. Tickets outside the family section begin at $20. Spectacular tickets may be purchased online. For the family section the tickets are $30, just enter the promotional code “founder.” Spectacular tickets are expected to sell out early.

SAT OCT 10 - Run / Parade / BYU Football

8:45am - Kid's Races

10:00 am - Homecoming Parade (click here)  Provo, UT Parade Route

We love parades!!!!  Abraham walked across the plains, he walked on his mission, and on the streets of Provo. All A. O. Smoot descendants old and young come join us in the BYU Homecoming Parade Saturday morning.  We need to be in place by 9:30 am.  Meeting behind the Marriott Center.  Come one and all. 

Bring the children and let's walk together remembering Abraham on his 200th birthday. 
This should be a wonderful parade. Doug Smoot is the Grand Marshall. Other family members will be recognized during the parade. All of the descendants of A. O. Smoot (children and adults) are invited to walk together in the parade meeting between 9:00 - 9:30 AM Saturday morning in the parking lot by the Harman building and Marriott Center. 

Football Game (click here) BYU vs East Carolina Pirates  TBD @ LaVelle Edwards Stadium

Discount tickets at use Promo Code "BYUSMOOT". This promo code will also give you discount tickets to other BYU football games.

WED-SAT OCT 7-10 - Self Guided Historic Tours of A. O. Smoot Sites - (more information coming)

BYU Campus Sites

   i. A.O. Smoot Document Display – Perry Special Collections, Lee Library (John Murphy)
   ii. A.O. Smoot Administration Building – A.O. Display-main floor lobby NE corner – updated 
   iii. Family History Center – Lee Library-A.O. Smoot Family History (Name)
   iv. Hinckley Alumni Building – 2 historic BYU films

Provo City Sites

   i. BY Academy Building (Provo Library, 500 N. University Ave)
   ii. Provo Tabernacle (City Center Temple, 100 S. University Ave)
   iii. Diana Eldredge Home (461 East Center Street)
   iv. Provo’s ZCMI Site (NE Corner University Ave & Center Street)
   v. Provo Woolen Mills Site, City Block, (100-200 West, 100-200 North)
   vi. Smoot Lumber Yard Site (NE corner University Ave and 600 South)
   vii. First National Bank Building (remodeled, NW corner University Ave and Center Street)
For more information about other Homecoming and Smoot Family Reunion activities, please visit the following websites:

Questions about BYU events, contact: Curtis Isaak (contact information)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I were to pick one day to attend, which of those days is most important?
A. Tuesday is the day where the main family events are happening. The most important is the 2:00 pm family reunion event.

Q. If I need to ask BYU a question about Tuesdays events, who do I contact?
A. Curtis Isaak, Alumni Services Coordination. 801-422-7621.

Q. Where should I park?
A. Marriott Center Parking lot on Tuesday morning. East of Wilkinson visitor parking for the Tuesday events. On Wednesday park around or underground by the B.Y. Academy building.

Q. What historic documents will be available to purchase?
A. Three books: 1) Abraham Owen Smoot (1994) 2) Abraham Owen Smoot - His Life and Service in Provo (2015) 3) Miracle at Academy Square (2003). Academy painting print, note cards, post cards, and other items.

Q. If I have specific questions about the reunion, who could I speak with?
A. Sharman Smoot @ 801-399-1000


  1. I am excited to celebrate with the BYU Community the birth of Abraham Owen Smoot. Such a wonderful legacy he left for all of us to build upon. I have a question. I have been to the Homecoming Parade before, and wonder if my grandchildren could walk in that parade in honor of Abraham. Are there so many coming that the numbers would be too many, or is that something we could think about offering for the youth to remember?

    1. Julie, we have discussed this as a executive committee and we support doing this. We will need someone to organize it. I will attempt to contact you via email or on the phone.